The Lions Who are we?

History of the Buckingham Lions Club

The Buckingham Lions Club's beginnings are not unlike those of any other service club or volunteer organization that has come into existence.

It all started with the realization of a dream; the man who created it was Mike Mahoney. He wanted to start a social club in Buckingham to help his fellow citizens in need. After several approaches to the higher echelons of the Lions Clubs organization, they sent a person named Verne Lachance who preached the following idea: help your fellow man while having fun.

A number of businessmen who also wanted to help their fellow man came up with the idea and organized themselves to found the Buckingham Lions Club in 1934. The first meeting was held on November 25, 1934 under the sponsorship of the Montreal Central Lions Club. The Buckingham Lions Club was founded and chartered on December 4, 1934.

In the beginning, only the most pressing needs were met, and if we look back to those years, we understand why the members set out to reduce the problem of hunger.

The first activity was organized for Christmas 1934, it consisted in providing food to needy families. Today, more than 85 years later, we are proud that this same activity is repeated by the members with our famous Christmas basket distribution.

The second challenge addressed the same issue of hunger, but this time with youth. For two years, Lions provided free milk to students to ensure proper nutrition.

The third project involved dentists because a war on tooth decay was declared; dentists not only screened for cavities but also repaired them for those who could not afford it (there was no such thing as a health insurance card at the time), all thanks to the generosity of Lions.

Fourthly, with the help of doctors, clinics were organized to find out who was suffering from a tonsil problem and the less fortunate could undergo a necessary operation for free with the help of the club.

We wanted to list the club's first four (4) projects because we believe they formed the solid foundation that motivated members to get involved in building the Buckingham Lions Club and ensuring its continuity.

To list all the activities of the club for over eighty years would surely be the equivalent of writing a book. In the latter, we would have chapters on subjects such as: donations of money, food or clothing; purchases of medical devices, hearing aids, sight aids, wheelchairs.

A chapter would be dedicated to the organization of parties, parades; civic projects such as: construction of swimming pools, fences for ball fields, tennis courts, purchase of specialized vehicles etc.

We can now understand the members when they admit that it is a privilege to be part of such a structure and be assured that the motivation is still there in 2021 as much as we found it in 1934.

The people of Buckingham and the surrounding area should feel comfortable about the future because the club, which has more than 85 years of history, sincerely wants to pave the way for the next few decades.

Written by Lion Richard Besner


Who are the Lions of Buckingham?

The BUCKINGHAM LIONS CLUB is part of Lions Clubs International, the world's largest service club organization with more than 1.4 million members in over 200 countries.

Founded in 1934, the BUCKINGHAM LIONS CLUB is a charitable organization that helps the less fortunate in the community, assists youth and improves the quality of life for the general population.

We support a wide variety of causes including sight, health, education, youth and our seniors.

We contribute to activities as varied as:

  • Distribution of Christmas baskets to families in need in our sectors.
  • Distribution of Christmas baskets to families in need in our sectors.
  • Partnership in the school life of our youth.
  • Aménagement d’aires de jeux dans nos parcs et écoles.
  • Soutien aux centres d’hébergement pour femmes et enfants.
  • Support for hospitals and hospices.
  • Support for senior residences.
Buckingham Lions Club and Brewery - Le Buck

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